Having Too Many Interests

I casually like too many things and I don’t have enough time to invest in them.

In college, I had a lot of time to chase about some pretty pointless stuff. I followed F1 racing for a season, bought wine decanters because I was convinced it made a difference in taste, and I even tried to keep up with the new 52 iteration of the DC Universe. I would be easily attracted to some sort of hobby and give it a try only to lose interest several months later. I look back on a lot of that and think how pointless it was to spend time and money trying to do and keep up with things I might like.


There’s some merit in doing what you want. It’s pretty good advice to spend your time how you want to spend it. The issue is that I’ve wasted time doing what I want in the moment then regret the time I spent later on.

I’m trying to catch myself when I’m caught by something interesting. I’m easily distracted by almost anything in my personal life, so it’s a hard mindset to keep. Instead of jumping right into something in the moment, I consider whether or not I’ll still be interested and have time for it in 6 months. This mindset has allowed me to spend more time doing things that I like and getting more “bang for the buck”. The term “Jack of All Trades” is not very accurate. You can’t be a jack of ALL trades because you would just be a novice of everything. You should instead try to be a jack of several things. It also makes you enjoy the things you already have more, which in turn saves money.

I’m also starting to zero in on certain aspects of interests.

I really like the new continuous format of television, but there are too many shows to watch. Andy Samberg does an excellent musical number on this. I’ve had to give up on shows like The Blacklist and Gotham because I just don’t have the interest to keep up with their Dragnet style story telling with only a puzzle piece worth of narrative to the overall story each episode. I’m almost considering taking a break from The Walking Dead because it’s getting boring to me. I’m doing a similar thing for video games and movies. I like trying new things and experiencing different stuff but the only thing that I can still do that with is listening to music. I try to que-up new and old stuff while at work to keep my ears fresh and that only works because I’m somewhat double tasking.

It’s much more satisfying now to spend quality time rather than spending time in various quantities on several things. It’s taken some time since college, but it’s nice to build on some solid foundation.


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