Samurai Jack Speaks Volumes Without Talking

I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid.  I started with Nickelodeon shows and eventually once we came off basic cable I started to watch Cartoon Network. I remember watching shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and Power-puff Girls. Outside of Batman: TAS and Dragonball I watched a show called Samurai Jack. Essentially a Sci-fi Samurai show with action and humor sprinkled in. It had crazy characters, interesting stories, and lots of fighting. I would watch it primarily at my grandmother’s house after dinner along with the show Dragonball.

although I don’t watch cartoons as religiously as i did when i was 10 years old, i still dable in animation with shows like Rick & Morty, Venture Bros, and Attack on Titan. I had heard that a new season of Samurai Jack was being created and was going to be aired on the late night portion of Cartoon Network’s lineup: Adult Swim. At First I thought that it would just be a darker and more violent version of the show that aired 10+ years ago, but I was in for a surprise


Samurai Jack Season 5 Tells a coherent Story arc which is much different from the comic book mentality of the previous 4 seasons. The Show takes place 50 years after the end of season 4 and our main character is essentially suffering from PTSD of fighting for too long without accomplishing his goals of going back to the past to save his family. You also see a group of assassins being brainwashed by priests that worship the main villain. The main villain is undergoing depression due to his lack of finding a viable rival to fight against. The best part is that all of this is communicated with as little dialogue as possible. Nothing is out-rightly stated and characters never explicitly state how they feel. It’s all done through the art and animation of the show, and it’s beautiful. You’ll see Jack’s forgotten relatives dead floating down a river or a young assassin girl in wonder as she is able to get her first peak of the outside world. There are even lighter moment’s as Jack faces off against a telepathic, Skat singing robot doing his best impression of Sammy Davis Jr (he’s my favorite character). Sections of the show would round off about 10 minutes without even saying a word.


This show is able to showcase a fantastic story though visual elements that are open to your own interpretation. It’s fantastic. If you are a fan of cartoons of visual story telling you  should really gives this show a chance to impress you.


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