Pushing Beyond Bass-ic Limitations

I’ve been feeling too comfortable with my music.

I go to practice or a show and just end up sticking to the pocket off what I know. I go into most of these sessions expecting the best out of people. I try to push people outside of their comfort zone when they play so that the music ends up being something creative. The feedback I get is normally just “add more in here” or “make this simpler”. The truth is that I haven’t pushed myself consistently. When presented with a challenge, I make the effort the reach the expectation.

I’m moderately excited for this new game and they always release an original soundtrack with each iteration. The tracks are mainly inspired by jazz (new age, maybe acid jazz?) and i’m assuming j-pop . The bass line drives these songs without sounding out of place for one second.

It made me think, “Why can’t I play like this more often”

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There as seen in Persona 5

Dancing All Night as seen in Persona 4 DAN

I think I’m just going to push myself to learn songs outside of my comfort zone so I can start diversifying my style outside of the the normal Rock texture that accompanies it. My fiance gave me a few suggestions the other night for different players to look at and emulate. I’m excited to put together a road map for pushing my style and get into a regular schedule of meaningful practice.

Until then here is a live performance of Victor Wooten with the Flectones


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