Legion is Weird and I Love It

Legion may end up being the best piece of television in 2017. It does whatever it wants and doesn’t worry about whether you are on board or not.

Like what prompted the producers to give the okay to this


It’s an X-Men show set it the early 80’s (I think) that doesn’t use super hero costumes to define the characters, but subtle art direction that makes this cast of heroes(?) easily recognizable while retaining their character depth. It’s one of the few superhero shows that really hasn’t had a big gun to gun or fist to fist battle with the bad guy. Why? Because the bad guy is the good guy. Not the Walter White anti-hero kind of bad/good guy. The bad guy is literally occupying the same body as the bad guy. Throw in a bollywood dance number, a man living in a ice cube from the early 70’s, and a Twizzler tie, you’ll have yourself the weirdest and possibly one of the best shows on television.

I think the overall oddity is in large part due to two variable influencing the show. The overall feeling of the parent company Fox towards their superhero titles and the show’s creative directors. Fox has let creators dictate the direction of their most recent super hero movies and have benefited from how big they are in the box office. Movies like Deadpool and Logan have been breaking the mold and fox was ready to give open reign to some of it’s best minds for the first tv show in it’s current X-Men universe. Noah Hawley previously had created the show Fargo which is based off of the Cohen brother’s original crime story based in Minnesota. Hawley’s character development and surprising (sometimes outlandish) twists saw the show to critical acclaim. For having done so little as far as quantity, it feels like Fox is respecting creators with excellent ideas when they gave Hawley the lead on developing Legion.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but so far it’s fantastic. Some episodes can be a bit slow, but there is a payoff that’s not too far ahead of it. Dan Stephens and Aubrey Plaza are excellent in this show. My favorite is the quirky and lighthearted character played by Jemaine Clement that’s introduced later in the season. Every episode seems to contain an experience similar to the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks. It could be a character eating cassette tape rolls in the therapists office or characters morphing their bodies into weird shapes and beings. It feels more like a sci-fi thriller than being classified as a superhero show. You really never know what is coming next on this wild mind bending ride.




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