Keeping in Contact with Old Friends

How do you keep in contact with old friends?

I think it’s one of the hardest questions to answer when you are entering adulthood.

I’m not a big phone person. I get easily sidetracked when I’m talking on the phone as well as skype/facetime. I’m really terrible at responding to texts that don’t require an immediate response. Even posting relevant things on social media is rather hard, outside of pictures of my dogs on instagram.

In High school, college, and other cities you’ve garnered your own personal group of friends. It’s taken time to build those relationships and craft your own set of norms and inside jokes. You eventually move away and have to build a new life somewhere else, away from the people that you are so comfortable with. You end up going to a wedding or some event and meet up with them. You proceed to catch up and most of the time, things tend to go back to some semblance of the way things were.

So what about the in between?

One of the quirkiest things I’ve started to receive are postcards from my in-laws. I never got a lot of cards from other people when I was a kid, but to my fiance’s family it’s a tradition. They always have something kooky written or some picture on them. It gave me the idea of writing post cards to friends I’m not able to see as often. It’s a really simple concept that isn’t some groundbreaking idea, but it’s something that really appeals to me.

I want to make the effort to start doing a little bit of this and not procrastinate. I think it will help me feel less anxious about losing previous relationships that I’ve really enjoyed.


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