The New Switch is the Return of Nintendo

The new Nintendo Switch could be the best video game console ever.

At first, it was a hard sale. The original commercial was great, but the reveal event didn’t live up to the hype that i originally had. I was watching Nintendo of America’s livestream of their own event in NYC which mainly consisted of them just playing the games, and that sold me. Everything that they were showing had both simplicity and complexity in how they played. I’m a sucker for games that are easy to play, but hard to master. Other than the Witcher, I put most of my time into Overwatch and Rocket League on my Playstation 4. A good game sells itself and  I like games that don’t waste my time when I sit down on the couch. I saw a lot of games that fit this bill, like Splatoon, Arms, and Mario Kart.

Can we talk about Mario Kart?


I’m so excited to jump back into that game. I’ve played and owned every Mario Kart up to Mario Kart Wii. Those games are so special because almost everyone knows how to pick it up and play it. It seems like there is so much variety in the new iterations as well. I think this edition has something like 30+ characters all with their own carting variation. I didn’t own a Wii U but I heard that it takes some cues from the F-Zero series with some anit-gravity segments. To me, that sounds like an amazing mash up. I played so much of these games as a kid and into adulthood. We would sit around the big tube tv in the study of the fraternity house and play Mario Kart 64 for hours. Sometimes there were even some drinking rules mixed in. It’s one of those games that just connects people to something fun and familiar.

I ended up buying another set of joy cons to have the full multiplayer experience. Currently, there are not many options as far as multiplayer, but by the end of the first year I’ll be very happy I made the purchase. Those possibilities feel endless, especially when the fighting game Arms comes out. The portability is one of the best features, which is why it has essentially taken over the time I would normally play the Vita. I can’t wait for them to reveal their plans for how their virtual console works and I’m super excited to play a new main line Mario game


I’ve mainly been playing the new Zelda and Shovel Knight, but I’ll save my thoughts on those for a different time.


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